Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs

dr pet1Bach Flower remedies are one of the worlds best known and most popular types of natural healing therapy. Flower essences are extracts made from parts of different kinds of flowers, plants, trees, and bushes. The natural remedies that address emotional imbalances such as anxiety, fear, aggression etc.

The first flower essences were developed by Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936). He identified a total of 38 healing plants that he believed could be used to remedy all negative states of mind that afflict people and animals. To this day, 38 Bach flower essences are available, each for tackling a specific range of emotional and behavioural problems.

Flower essences are made from various flowers and plants naturally and organically grown, and not contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals.

There are two ways to prepare the remedies.

One way is called the "sun method". In this method the flowers to be used are put in a clean glass bowl full of spring water and are left floating in the water under direct morning sunlight for 3-4 hours. The flowers are then removed and the resulting water is stored in dark bottles half filled with alcohol such as brandy for preservation. This preparation is called "mother essence or tincture". To prepare a remedy, spring water is used to dilute drops of the mother essence.

Another way of preparing the essences is called the "boiling method". The flowers are boiled in spring water before being treated in the same way as the sun method

For people that either do not have the confidence to make their own or do not have the time you can buy them pre made- Please see our shop.

Administering essences to your dog can be done in several ways.

Given by mouth, the easiest and most obvious way to do this is by putting the drops onto the food. The normal amount of drops would be 8 in the morning meal and 8 in the evening meal. You can add the drops to treats through out the day.


Adolescence in dogs starts around six months and may last up to eighteen months depending on the breed of dog.

Bach flower remedies to help:

Chestnut bud

For impulsiveness, youthful over exuberance and tending not to absorb training lesson.


For dealing with impulsiveness and rebelliousness

Walnut and Scleranthus

Used for changing hormonal levels as the dog grows, dealing with temperament.

Attention seekers

There are many comman problems related to attention seeking. The remedies will back up any training you are putting into place.

Bach Flower remedies to help:


This would be helpful for reducing a dogs cloying attention- seeking ways


If the dog appears resentful and moody


To help negate the dogs controlling behaviour


An animal can feel the feeling of loss or grief, dogs are also very affected by the grief of humans. A dog does not like it when a pack changes or acts odd.

Bach Flower remedies to help:

Star of Bethlehem

To help dogs recover from the shock of grief and loss


To brighten the emotional state when broken hearted or giving up

Sweet Chestnut

To help bring light and upbeat to a darkened mood

Wild Rose

For dogs that have given up on life


To give strength and resilience and to help move on

Emergency situations

Emergency situations might be, being attacked, accident, serve fright, urgent medical treatment.

Bach Flower remedies to help:

Star of Bethlehem

To help dogs recover from the shock of grief and loss

Rescue remedy

The classic combination of 5 flowers to help in emergency situations. Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, and Impatiens

Fear and anxiety

Fear and anxiety comes in all shapes and forms. The training basis need to be address however while in training these remedies will work along side.

Bach Flower remedies to help:


This address everyday, ongoing mild fears and panic.

Rock Rose

This is used for extreme fear or terror, used for tremble, cower or just freezing within animals.

Rescue Remedy

The classic combination of 5 flowers to help in emergency situations. Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, and Impatiens

Star of Bethlehem

To help dogs recover from the shock of grief and loss

Recuperation from an illness

Bach Flower remedies to help:


To help with unconscious fears and feelings


To help with stress and mental tension

Rescue Remedy

The classic combination of 5 flowers to help in emergency situations. Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, and Impatiens

Separation anxiety

Bach Flower remedies to help:


This remedy can build up a sense of emotional independence which is needed if he is to feel secure alone.


For a spoilt dominant type of dog that is actively resentful about being alone.


This can help make the dog less dominate

Now us 

We have spoken how the flower remedies work on our animals however as their lives are so intertwined with ours that our canine friends can pick up on our problems too. This does not mean they mirror our emotions however they can show the opposite. For example if we are angry walking around shouting the dog might show anxiety or fear, they will try to calm a situation by licking their lips, nudging for a cuddle. All signs that humans miss when caught up in the emotion.

I believe if you are treating a dog then you should treat yourself too, below are some examples of Bach flower remedies for our own problems.


The person needing this often suffers from mental torment that they hide. However if dog is close to the owner the dog will pick up on it and will make the dog depressed and more prone to problems.


The person needing this can be very insecure and will treat there dog more to serve their ego. They will use their dog to boost their self esteem. People needing Chicory can be over- dependent emotionally on their dogs leaving their dog with separation anxiety problems.


The person needing Vervain will be very active and always rushing around creating a hyper dog or one that is deprived of peace.


The person needing this will often find it very difficult to assert themselves. The person who needs Cemtaury might find that their dog becomes very spilt or dominant as the person finds it hard to say no.


Like Centauary, the person needing Cerato lacks confidence, the person needing this could be lead astray leaving the dog with no pack leader.


Scleranthus is a indecisive tyoe of person, they may have brought an animal for the wrong type of reason. Taking Scleranthus will help the person stick to a regime and give them order this will give the animal a steady balanced environment.


The person needing Gentian is someone that is very easily discouraged, this could cause problems if you bring a young dog into the household. A Gentian owner might give up on training at a very early stage leaving the dog with very negative vibes which may result in bad behaviour problems.

Rock rose

A person needing Rock Rose has a tendency to suffer from panic and fear, which might cause a lack in confidence. As a dog is a pack animal it will pick up on the anxiety and will feel obliged to become pack leader, which will then bring its own problems.


The type of person that will need Impatiens is someone that tends to run before they can walk. This type of person might not be best to train a dog as if the dog does not perform to the standards of the owner, the owner might become angry leaving the dog confused.


People needing the Clematis remedy often lack a interest in life. These people tend to live in dream land and may need to focus more or they might neglect their dog. People who need Clematis may end up with a untrained dog with insecure issues.


People needing Mimulus often suffer from niggling fears or a timid disposition. If the owner feels like this it might leave the dog to feel insecure and it might force the dog into becoming pack leader.

You can find more information out from the book " Bach Flower remedies for dogs" by Martin j. scott & Gael Mariani