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Our Buffalo box is a low fat and single protein box for dogs with food intolerances this box is filled with a selection of delicious, healthy treats for dogs of the age of 12 weeks. This box also allows your fur baby to sample a range of our Buffalo products in one box. Everything in the box has been selected to keep your fur babies happy for a long period of time. THIS BOX RRP INDIVIDUALLY WOULD BE OVER £30 What's included: 1 x Large Buffalo Horn 2 x Buffalo Ears 2x Buffalo Steaks Sticks 2 x Buffalo Tracheas 4 x Buffalo Tripe Sticks 2 x Pieces of Buffalo Lungs 2 x Buffalo Tails 2 x Buffalo Mega Chews


✔ 100% EUROPEAN & UK PRODUCE - no imports of dubious quality for us. ✔ 100% NATURAL TREAT NATURALLY GRAIN & GLUTEN FREE - Everything is air dried at 130°C and that's it. Unsmoked and no added spices or flavouring, no grains, wheat, soy, corn, gluten or fillers! A healthy treat, perfect for dogs with allergies ✔ HAND PACKED - Hand picked and packed by us from our shop. Buffalo Trachea: 100 % Buffalo Windpipe wrapped in Buffalo Lung Typical Analysis: Protein 72.12%, Crude fat 17.87%, Moisture 7.56%, Crude ash 2.45% Buffalo Mega Chew: 100 % Buffalo Scalp Typical Analysis: Protein 57%, Fat 7 % Buffalo Tails: 100% Buffalo Tails Typical Analysis: Moisture 16% Protein 71% Fat 9 % Ash 4%


Price Options
One-time purchase
£19.80every month until canceled
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