Bifido For Fido (for dogs) is a veterinary formulated blend of probiotics designed to promote a healthy gut and immune system.

  • 13 PROVEN STRAINS-Bifido For Fido contains 13 different bacteria strains to promote diverse gut colonies
  • 50 BILLION CFU- Each jar of BFF contains 30 large dog servings of 50 Billion CFU for optimal gut and immune health
  • QUALITY PREBIOTICS- Prebiotics help probiotics grow and colonise. BFF contains high quality FOS and Jerusalem Artichoke

Each probiotic strain in BFF is carefully chosen for its ability to survive the stomach acid and reach the gut. Plus, Four Leaf Rover have added Saccharomyces boulardii, a special yeast that may help with Candida.

The probiotics in BFF are chosen for their ability to:

  • Produce B vitamins and vitamin K for improved health
  • Promote immune function
  • Produce Short Chain Fatty Acids
  • Produce digestive enzymes for better digestion
  • Promote digestive health

Frequently asked questions

Does BFF need to be refrigerated?: While Bifido For Fido is safe unrefrigerated, it is best kept in the fridge for maximum effectiveness.

When should BFF ideally be used?: For digestive upset, constipation or bowel diseases. BFF to be used until symptoms disappear and then if desired, switch back to your daily Protect for maintenance.  Use BFF for up to 3 months at a time and then switch to Protect for longer term use.

Is BFF useful for dogs with short-term diarrhea?: Yes it is! One of Bifido For Fido's main purposes is for short term episodes of diarrhea. If the digestive upset continues the consult your vet.

Is BFF canine specific? Yes. All probiotics in BFF are chosen because they have been specifically researched to work on dogs.

How does BFF differ from PROTECT? PROTECT is used more as a daily preventative while BFF should be used to directly address issues or provide extra support in a time of need. 

Serving Size

1-30 lbs (up to 13.6kg):............ 1/8 level Tsp Once Daily
30-60 lbs 13.7kg-27.2kg): .........1/4 level Tsp Once Daily 
60-100 lbs (27.3kg-45.3kg): .......1/2 level Tsp Once Daily
over 100 lbs (over 45.4kg): ........3/4 level Tsp Once Daily

Suitable for dogs aged 6 months and over.


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