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HELP BEAT YEAST WITH THESE 3 STEPS. If your dog has ear infections, itchy paws, itchiness or hair loss, it could be yeast. Poor diet and medications can all feed unhealthy yeast populations, which can put stress on your dog's immune system and create allergy symptoms.

This veterinary formulated trio of products works synergistically and scientifically to help de-activate Candida, yeast and fungi and restore gut health. Yeast-Free Fido is the safe and natural way to reduce and detoxify harmful yeast populations.

There are three key steps to eliminate Candida, yeast and fungal infections ... which is why there are three key products in this Yeast Bundle:

Step 1Yeast Guard - Break Down Yeast's Protective Coating Candida and other yeast species have a sticky coating called a biofilm. The biofilm makes the yeast resistant to immune cells ... and this allows yeast to grow unchecked in your dog. A key step to eliminate yeast is to break down its biofilm. This removes the protective coating from yeast, allowing anti-fungal foods and herbs to start working. Yeast Guard is a veterinary-formulated blend of anti-fungal herbs and caprylic acid. It includes the powerhouse combination of pau d'arco, organic olive leaf and sustainably grown organic goldenseal.

Step 2: Digest - Eliminate & Detoxify Yeast Once the biofilm is breached, anti-fungal herbs and foods can start to eliminate yeast. It's important to also remove yeast's food supply. This means feeding a diet that's low in starch and avoiding drugs and chemicals that contain heavy metals. The anti-fungal herbs in Yeast Guard will work best with digestive enzymes. These help break down the biofilm, an important coating that protects yeast like a full metal jacket. You must break down the biofilm to attack yeast.

Step 3: Gut Guard - Restore & Replenish Gut Bacteria It's important to address the root cause of Candida and yeast: inflamed and leaky guts. This final step helps prevent over-crowding of unwanted yeast in the gut and helps soothe and heal the gut lining. A healthy gut lining can prevent yeast from escaping the digestive tract. Yeast and bacterial overgrowth can cause gut irritation, allowing yeast to travel out of the gut and into the body. Gut Guard is a blend of gut soothing herbs and probiotics that can help restore a proper gut flora.

Give all 3 products (Digest, Yeast Guard & Gut Guard) once daily or as directed by your veterinarian. Please follow label instructions. For best results, give Yeast-Free Fido for 60 days or as directed by your veterinarian. It’s also recommended to give your dog a high quality diet free of starches and pesticides.

Once symptoms resolve, continue to support your dog’s gut health with Protect (sold separately) which contains veterinary formulated probiotics and a friendly yeast to help keep Candida and yeast populations down.

Suitable for dogs aged 6 months and over.


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