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ACTIVE complete dog food with salmon, also called no 25, is made out of the exact same ingredients as ACTIVE complete dog food – but is in addition added salmon. Salmon gives an even broader fatty acid profile, and a high level of essential DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids. It makes the product slightly higher in fat content, but it is still suitable for most adult dogs, especially those higher in energy. If you on the other hand have an overweight dog you should consider using either ACTIVE Protein rich or VOM Digestive.

Protein15 %
Fat20 %
Carbohydrates0 %
Dry substance35-39 %
Ashes5 %
Calcium0,9 %
Phosphor0,6 %
ME*2400 kcal/kg
ME* from fat75 %
ME* from protein25 %


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